Shaping Policy or Practice

Take a more strategic approach to stakeholder influencing and public affairs initiatives

Stakeholder influencing and public affairs strategy:


Not everything in business can be solved through sales and marketing. Your best route to growth may be through growing the market, not your market share. For this to happen, you will need to bring about a meaningful change to attitudes, policies or behaviours.

Prior to moving into Marketing, I worked in Medical and Public Affairs – engaging politicians, charities and professional bodies to drive change. I learnt that there is more to campaigning than merely raising awareness of issues. A strategic approach to relationship building and lobbying is key.

I can help you build a stakeholder influencing and public affairs strategy. Including but not restricted to:

  • Defining your issue or opportunity
  • Setting a clear ambition of what you want to happen (not just what you don’t want!)
  • Understanding your environment and key trends
  • Identifying, profiling and mapping your stakeholders
  • Building specific objectives for your stakeholders
  • Identifying meaningful insights that you can act on.
  • Building your case for change & defining a feasible solution
  • Defining the influencing strategy
  • Support in creating coalitions or steering groups
  • Tracking progress and measuring success
  • Brief writing for Public Affairs and Public Relations agencies.

"If you address your future clients’ issues with the same commitment, energy, patience and intelligence as you successfully did with the long list of challenges we had to face, well, I'd say future is looking bright!"

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