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Get help on communicating your strategy, motivating your teams and lining up your ways of working behind the strategy

Organisational alignment plan incl:

A good strategy doesn’t end with a high-level paper exercise; it will succeed only if every part of your organisation is set-up to deliver it.

Engaging your teams and stakeholders

I can help you to communicate and engage the hearts and minds of your teams behind the strategy. I can bring your strategy to life to help you get the buy-in of your Board or External investors.

I can help ensure that the people that matter to you, feel listened to and part of the strategy, are clear on expectations and are inspired, motivated and equipped to deliver it.

I can help you shape your whole engagement and communications plan – from key channels to messaging. I can facilitate workshops for you to listen and engage staff through to building presentations for conferences. I can coach you on your delivery or step in and present at key meetings with you. Most importantly, I will work with you to identify creative ways to keep the strategy relevant and alive throughout your organisation.

Lining up your organisation behind the strategy

No matter how good your thinking was in the building of your strategy, it will fail unless your organisation and whole way of working is aligned behind it. I can work with you to identify and remove any internal barriers to success. For example:

  • Are there different interpretations of the strategy across the business?
  • Do you have the correct allocation of resources behind the priorities?
  • Do you have the right people in the right roles, with the right skills?
  • Are cross-functional teams working together well or do you have silos?
  • Are the values being brought to life in the right behaviours?
  • Are people incentivised on the right things?
  • Do your teams have the right equipment and resources?
  • Are you measuring the right things?
  • Do you have the right Governance in place?

You may already know where your issues are but feel they are impossible to address. Someone outside of your organisation can help with an objective view and approach. Do call me if you just want to talk through your ideas or concerns as a starting point.

"We asked her to help embed and develop the strategy through the whole business by engaging teams in workshop sessions. This has proved hugely beneficial in everyone understanding how they contribute in their role to the bigger picture. A must for any business wanting to inspire their people and connect them with the real purpose in the organisation."

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