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One of the trickiest things to do as a business leader is to run effective meetings. You find yourself wearing three hats: trying to chair the meeting to get the desired outcomes; trying to facilitate and manage timings, whilst at the same time being an active contributor yourself.

For those all-important meetings, I can be your Chair and your facilitator.

You can call upon me to just hold an event together, hosting and introducing speakers, managing the time, and recapping key messages. Or you can bring me in to Chair your Board meeting, freeing you to contribute your ideas. I will ensure that everyone is heard and gets the most from the meeting, without losing sight of what you are trying to achieve.

I am an experienced facilitator for large and small meetings, and a Non-Executive Board Chair for a Trade Association. My style is friendly, warm but direct. I challenge with a positive intent, clarity and good humour, ensuring that potential conflicts are addressed in the room.

I facilitate both in-person events and those online and adapt my style accordingly. Most importantly, I work to keep energy and engagement levels high, avoiding the meeting fatigue that can set in.

As always, I can tailor to my support to your needs. Do get in touch if you want to explore some ideas for facilitation.

"Her facilitation style means that the group involved not only get the best out of any meeting time, but her ability to pull ideas together means that she can make sure we are challenging our assumptions and thinking more creatively."

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