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Find a friendly mix of mentoring and coaching for you or for members of your team

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Whatever leadership position you hold in an organisation, from CEO to a team manager, sometimes we all need a sounding board. Someone outside of your company who can listen to you, challenge you, hold you to account and help you to take a fresh perspective. Sometimes you need a mentor.

I provide ad hoc sessions through to regular monthly mentoring sessions for clients. I work online or face to face as needed.

I give my clients a safe space to think and reflect. Whilst people typically come to me to think about their company or departmental strategy, we spend time discussing way more – from their career or personal impact, through to handling tricky people issues. A particular area I am doing more of, is helping first-time managers make the transition from expert to leader.

You will be guaranteed a warm, friendly and non-judgemental approach. I will use a mixture of coaching (where I help you to think) vs advising and giving you examples to consider. Some clients even ask me to write-up their conclusions in a structured way to reflect on.

I will be happy to chat to you so you can explore if I might be the right mentor for you or your team members.

"If you're looking for someone to help you focus, gain clarity, or decipher all those ideas in your mind: You won't get much better than Natasha. Just brilliant!"

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