Company Strategy & Prioritisation

Get help to build, adapt, simplify or clarify your strategy

A fresh perspective & challenge

You and your team are the experts in your business. But that expertise can mean you go headlong into tactical plans, before checking to align on the strategic intent. It can be helpful to have a fresh perspective to ensure that your strategy is as clear and joined-up as it can be.

I can help you build the strategy from scratch, adapt, or simplify an existing strategy. I can work with you on your whole business or drill into a specific part of your business, portfolio or brand.

Help to make tough choices

I can help you refine and make some tough choices, taking out activities that add little and distract your organisation.
I have developed my own framework which can be applied to any business model, regardless of maturity. Alternatively, if you are a business unit in a multi-national, I can help you work through any globally mandated templates or models.

I will work with you and your team to ensure unambiguous clarity and specificity at every stage. Including, but not restricted to, clarifying and defining:

  • The business identity, it’s purpose, business model, customers through to its values.
  • The dreams and ambitions for the organisation
  • Where you are seeking to get your growth from
  • Relevant trends in the market and implications for you/your customers
  • Your breakthrough issue, that will make the biggest difference to your success
  • Your headline strategy, priorities, and meaningful objectives through to key initiatives
  • Market & portfolio prioritisation; areas of your business to accelerate vs maintain or divest
  • Indicators of performance
  • Factors to ensure the sustainability and success of your strategy

Your choices will ultimately be your own, but I will help you to explore the implications of those choices. I will be happy to talk through and work out the best way to help you and your team.

"Natasha worked with us to build a business strategy that removed complexity and ambiguity."

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