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If you are a solopreneur or running your own very small business, it can be a lonely road. Success or failure sits on your shoulders. You alone make the choices and determine the direction to take. But how do you know if it is the right one? How do you know if you are working on the right stuff? Just because you are not a big corporate, doesn’t mean you cannot access the same level of strategic support.

Your small business partner

If you are in the early days of a new business, thinking of starting a business or a very small business at a turning point, I can help you.

No matter how smart or capable you are, it is easy to get lost when you run your own small business. You may be swimming in ideas but struggle to make them happen. It is easy to become flat-out busy chasing your tail and running in all directions. You may find yourself rushing to sort out your website and marketing, before you have even nailed the basics of what you want the business to be and how you want it to grow.

Investing in some support in getting your strategy clear now, could save you years of heading in the wrong or random direction. Whatever stage your business is at, a sounding board can give you the reassurance that you are on the right path.

I can help you with strategic workshops or training through to ongoing mentoring and guidance. I will be happy to chat through what will be most helpful for you right now.

"I’ve had the experience of working in Strategy and felt I had a clear direction of where to take my own company.  However, setting out on my own I found myself digressing and chasing my tail for some weeks. I was making things too complicated, and my company offering was just not clear. This is when I got in touch with the Strategy Doctor and really should have done so sooner.”

Starter package

If you are in the early days of a new business, thinking of starting a business or a very small business at a turning point you may find the Strategy Doctor Starter Package most useful to you. Building a clear strategy for your business now, will save you a lot of time in the long run and increase your chances of success. It will make those every-day choices easier to make.

The Starter Package is designed to help you think or re-think a strategy for your business. Using an easy-to-understand framework of big questions, it will help you:

  • Understand your strategic choices
  • Define your business model and ideal customers
  • Set a direction and ambition for your business
  • Work out how to get there, considering relevant trends
  • Improve your chances of success
  • Ensure you are still in business in 3 years’ time! 

Investing in a three hour workshop with me now could save you from three years going down the wrong track.

Few people can afford to spend thousands on consultancy at this stage of their business. So the Starter Package is a more cost and time-effective option.

For £449 + VAT, you get two key documents and three hours of one to one conversation with me.

This time can be taken in one workshop or two online sessions.

I will then build you two documents:

  • Your business profile
  • Your strategy on a page


This rate is exclusively for micro-businesses and sole traders (under 10 employees & under £1m turnover).

Clients that have enjoyed my starter package

Sam and Paddy Sisu Performance

Paddy & Sam

Co-Founders of Sisu Performance

“If you own a business and feel the pressure getting to you I can’t recommend the starter pack enough. A single session with Natasha could save you months of trial and error and fast track your business to success- it did for us!”


Adam Bell

Founder of Digital Attitude, a provider of Fractional IT Leadership services and Cybersecurity for SME's.

“I found myself digressing and chasing my tail for some weeks. I was making things too complicated, and my company offering was just not clear. This is when I got in touch with the Strategy Doctor and really should have done so sooner.”

Rachel Woods, Coach in Nature (1)

Rachel Woods MSc

Coaching & Behavioural Change, EMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner & Founder of Coach in Nature

“Natasha’s practical and pragmatic approach to strategy building is so accessible, she makes it easy to understand and get totally clear on.  It gave me a framework for future thinking”

Dr Nimrita Bassi, Marketing Essentials Lab

Dr Nimrita S Bassi

Director of Marketing Essentials Lab

“I setup my business two years ago and really enjoyed my sessions with Natasha, as I got the headspace to think and strategise about the future direction of my business. Since the workshop, I have recommended it to 4 other fellow entrepreneurs.”

Find out how I helped these small businesses

Sisu Performance
Sam and Paddy took up the Starter Package to help them rethink their target audience and growth strategy
Adorno Day Centres
Helped the founder of this purpose driven company, to develop the business strategy and provided ongoing advice and mentoring
Chai Analytics
Starter package for an analytics company looking to take the business to the next level
Marketing Essentials Lab
The leader of this fast growing marketing business took up the Starter Package and further mentoring to shape a sustainable direction
Help to define the business model for a new venture in the field of ESG
Digital Attitude
Starter package to enable entrepreneur to evaluate and make decisions on new business direction
Closing Delta
Strategy simplification for gateway consultancy
Makery Kate
I worked with Kate through a series of sessions to launch her new business venture
Pragmatic support and a clear framework for entrepreneur weighing up different directions.
Nick used the starter package to tighten and refocus his business model and strategy for growth.

Continued support

When you want someone to support and challenge you as you grow

Mentoring and ongoing support

Running your own small business can be a lonely road, especially when you are struggling to get it off the ground. My support doesn’t have to end with the one-off strategy package.

Sometimes you want someone to bounce ideas off ,to give you ideas and suggestions, to hold you to account on your progress or just check in on you.

I can offer you affordable Mentoring & advisor packages –tailored to your needs. I can act as your Non-Executive Board member, there to give you healthy challenge.

Please email or give me a call to discuss what might be most helpful for you.

"My business goals are now focused and on point which has allowed me to maintain the work-life balance I am looking for and grow my business to the next level. Natasha is warm, non judgmental and encouraging and I really appreciate her support!"

“Her Nine Steps model brilliantly structures the often scattered thoughts and ideas of a founder into a coherent map that helps the innovator navigate the delicate early stages of their venture. Put simply: it’s brilliant.”

To register your details for when the online course becomes available

Train me so I can do it myself!

You don’t wake up on a Tuesday and realise your dreams by Friday. Building a successful, sustainable business takes time. You may not even make any profit for the first few years of trading. That’s why every business, from multi-nationals through to one-person enterprises needs a strategy. This is your path to success and your confidence that you are working on the right stuff.

But that word ‘strategy’ can put a lot of us off. Strategy sounds complicated. It’s the stuff that big corporates do with expensive consultants or you need a business diploma to understand. You just want to get on with building your business.

What if there was a friendlier, easier way to work out the right direction for your business? With my flagship course ‘9 Questions to success’, you don’t need to be an expert. I have identified the key questions to answer that will get you there. I can train you on how to make the clear and critical decisions that will shape your future. I can you give you the tools that will turn those decisions into an action plan to achieve success. This live course is now being converted to an online programme you can do at your convenience. Click here to register your details for when it becomes available. 

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