Get a Health Check

Before changing anything, find out what is working or not working in your organisation

What’s working, what’s not working…and why?

When you don’t see the results you’d hoped for, it’s tempting to organise yet another strategy day. Before you change anything, you need to know what is working and what isn’t. You may need a business health check!

Sometimes the scariest time in business is when everything is going well! Unless you know what is working now, it is hard to adapt to new challenges or opportunities that come your way. A business health check now, may help your future growth.

If you don’t know what is behind your performance, you may keep doing absolutely everything in the hope that the sales keep coming in. A business health check may help you build a more efficient, profitable business.

I can work with you to drill into your business performance, to understand what is working or not working and WHY.

I can interview your staff to find out their understanding of your strategy, and their perceptions of what is working well/not so well. Together we can look at what data, information and insight you have and where your gaps are. We will explore where your growth is coming from, what might be holding you back, your risks and opportunities.

We will look at how well your organisation is lined up behind your strategy. Most importantly, we will work out your breakthrough issue(s) – the things that will make the biggest difference to your performance.

The health check is an important step to take before making any changes to your plans. It enables you to work out if you need to make corrections to your strategy or your implementation. It helps you avoid jumping to conclusions and trying to fix everything. Most importantly, it helps prioritise your focus areas. I will be happy to chat through with you how best I might be able to help you.

"Natasha is able to develop deep understanding of different customer groups and work to identify relevant insights. As a consequence her strategic strengths are always based on solid foundations and inevitably lead to breakthrough thinking and new business opportunities"

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