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About Strategy Doctor​

I provide consultancy and training in strategy, communications and employee engagement. I am more business coach and mentor than traditional management consultant. I can aid you and your team with thinking and analysis, but ultimately to coach you through your own strategic choices.

As a public speaker, facilitator and comedian, I can help you engage the hearts and minds of others behind your strategy with some fun and humour along the way.

My approach

So often, the difference between success and failure is about asking the right questions and then being brave enough to listen to the answers.

I’m straight talking, curious and I’m kind too. I bring comedy and humour to business topics, making even the driest subject more accessible to you and your team.

I am an experienced Board level Director who can bridge multiple functions.

I offer expertise in Commercial strategy, Marketing, Medical Affairs and Sales, Public Affairs, Corporate Affairs, Crisis Management, Communications and Employee Engagement. This has been drawn from the food and healthcare sectors (FMCG & prescription products, home-care and medical devices), but I now work across multiple industries.

"We found she was excellent in facilitating joined-up thinking and simplifying complex ideas."

When might you need my help?​

Whether you are leading a business or charity, a department or a product category, you will have some sort of plan. Your success will be dependent on two things: the right plan and the right execution of the plan.

Getting absolute clarity in your intent, your strategy, is critical for everyone involved.

From my own experience in the corporate world and my work as a consultant, that is easier said than done. 

I work with some very clever and capable clients, so my role isn’t to lecture them on strategy. I just bring that fresh perspective, curiosity and challenge to ensure the choices are clear for all. 

These are the top ten pitfalls that we can all fall into:


Creating detailed plans before you’ve agreed and aligned everyone on the strategic intent.


Vision & Mission statements treated as marketing copy rather than as a guide to business choices.


Trying to do too much. It is scary making choices when you don’t really know what’s working.


Looking inwards and resisting change in the hope that things will go back to how they were.


Over-complicating the strategy and hiding the lack of clarity behind sophisticated templates.


Presenting your strategy to your team as a ‘ta-da’ moment, rather than involving and engaging them behind it.


Letting assumptions go unchecked, leading to different interpretations and silos across the organisation.


Measuring stuff just because you can, and ending up with 100s of ‘key performance indicators’ that have no relation to performance!


Not equipping your organisation with the right skills and resources to deliver and sustain the strategy.


Changing your strategy every 5 minutes in the hope that it changes the results.

Find out how I helped these amazing people

Danone logo
Leadership and support across multiple strategic projects for major food and beverage company
Nutricia logo
Strategic guidance for the nursing strategy in a Covid World
Employee engagement as part of a major transformation project for a multi-national pharmaceutical company
Employee engagement work with blue-chip clients from pharmaceuticals to construction
Helped the Board of a construction and consultancy company rethink their commecial strategy and engage their teams behind it
Worked with business leaders to build and clarify strategies as well as host whole company strategy days
Scope Opthalmics 2
Coaching and mentoring of key managers across fast-growing healthcare and pharmaceuticals company
Sisu Performance
Sam and Paddy took up the Starter Package to help them rethink their target audience and growth strategy
Adorno Day Centres
Helped the founder of this purpose driven company, to develop the business strategy and provided ongoing advice and mentoring

Getting to know me

Natasha Bye BSc Hons PhD

I’m a strategist, communicator and comedian. The magic happens when I get to combine all three.

I am a scientist by background, with a PhD in Biology and Biochemistry. But I soon found out that talking about science was more interesting than actually doing it in the lab! I spent 20 years in the healthcare, pharma and nutrition industry, prior to moving into consultancy. Since starting Strategy Doctor, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a broad spectrum of businesses from construction and IT through to pharmaceuticals and fitness. (Project list available on request).

I have enjoyed a varied career across Marketing, Sales, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Public & Corporate Affairs and Communications. I’ve held Executive Director positions across Australia & New Zealand and UK & Ireland for Danone Nutricia, in both FMCG and Medical Divisions.

"I have witnessed Natasha Bye connect a room of 350 people to their corporate goals, through an energising and engaging mix of market insights and comedy. This is a powerful combination that ensures that her content is relevant and her presentations a highlight of the company conference agenda. Highly recommended."

I am currently a NED Chair for the British Specialised Nutrition Association – a trade body for companies working in commercial compounding, medical and infant nutrition. In addition I provide Associate work to Axiom Communications in employee engagement.

I believe in the power of comedy to make topics accessible. I teach improvised comedy and am a public speaker and stand-up comedian.

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