Dream Big but Dream Clearly!

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There are no limits on how big your ambition can be, but the clearer you can get, for the first step, the better.

When people are building or reviewing their business strategy, it is common to struggle with the vision, the big dream. In this next video in the Strategy Doctor ‘Strategy Made Easy’ series, I take a look at this through the eyes of a very young Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson.

So what is your dream? The thing that you and your employees and colleagues will be striving for every day? How big or realistic should that dream be? If you make it so massive, it can seem unrealistic and unrelatable. Make it too small, and it may feel uninspiring and suggest you are lacking in ambition. The reality is that there is no perfect vision, or dream. However the secret is in getting it to be as clear as possible. Lose the jargon, lost the wordy sentences and make it simple. As this video shows, for big success stories like Virgin or Amazon, sometimes you may build your dream in steps and just need to work out where to start.

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